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Timothy Gurshin: Links

Christopher Gurshin - New England Folk Art
This is my brother Christopher's art site where you can see lots of samples of his work such as murals, paintings and decorative art objects - all done in a traditional yet distinctive New England folk style. Please check it out!
CD Baby
This is the best independent music store on the web. You can sample songs, get more information, and for gosh sake, buy one of my CD's!
New Hampshire Movies
New Hampshire Movies is the site for award winning film maker Gary Anderson. NH Movies produced the documentary "Mayflowers" for which I wrote and performed the theme song. "Mayflowers" tells the story of student demonstrations at UNH in 1970, and features appearances by Abbie Hoffman, William Loeb and many others - you can check out the trailer for the film at the video page of my site.
K&K Sound
Many people ask me how I get the natural acoustic tone out of my guitars when I am "plugged in." A big part of the answer is that I use the K&K Pure Western pick-up. Nothing captures acoustic resonance more simply, effectively and beautifully than this pick-up! There are other factors, such as the guitar, playing style and the type of outboard pre-amp you use, but the K&K is the key to my sound.
Morgan Henry
Morgan gives guitar lessons, does guitar repairs and modifications, plays bass and guitar and has a new recording studio! Sounds pretty busy to me! Check out his site for great pictures of the guitars he has worked on.
O'Brien Instruments

Jack O'Brien, luthier,  is THE MAN to see if you have any guitar or other stringed  instrument repair, maintenance or modification needs in the Northeast. He is located in Jaffrey, New Hampshire, but it's worth the drive to have the benefit of his judgement, wisdom and skill. I couldn't keep running without him! Call him at 603-532-4398 and feel free to mention my name.

Sharon Allen Fine art

Thanks to Sharon for including me in a painting! Check out her  site--lively, impressionistic art.