An absolute craftsman of music, Tim writes hook-filled songs and performs them with impeccable acoustic accompaniment” - Ray Brandin, manager

— The Dolphin Striker, Portsmouth, NH

(from the Concord Monitor re: Walkin' Strong) Ramblin' man By: SARAH M. EARLE Monitor staff Traveling from Portland, Maine, to L.A. to Alabama and back in his new CD Walkin' Strong, local rocker Timothy Gurshin manages to convey the blistered, road-weary-but-restless feel of a vagabond. His self-penned lyrics focus on scattered moments in time, and his sound - which he describes as an Americana blend of folk, rock, country and blues - seems a fitting vehicle for the journey. He hints at failed plans and fleeting romances in "Last Day in L.A." and "Alabama Smile," singing of a woman who knew him better than he knew himself: "She told my fortune/ she knew what I'd done / she saw it end long before we'd begun." But Gurshin, who lives in Canterbury and performs around New England, never wallows. And his title track punctuates his wanderings with a sense of hard-won contentment. For more information and to order a CD, visit SARAH M. EARLE Copyright, 2007, Concord Monitor (used with permission)” - Sarah M. Earle

Concord Monitor

(from K&K Sound re: Songs Along The Highway) Hello Timothy, Thanks for the copy of your new CD, I love it, you did outstanding, great songs, professional sound, a winner overall! Hopefully you are getting the success you deserve.  Keep up that great work! Thank you and best regards Dieter K&K Sound - the Acoustic Pickup Authority. ” - Dieter

K&K Sound

(from re: Songs Along The Highway)  Performance: Instruments - Lead We felt the instrumental leads on this track were tuneful, interesting and well-articulated. There's no overplaying here, and nothing seems to be lacking either. Spot on.  Vocals: Lead Lead vocals are the first thing that most listeners pay attention to, so a great performance is essential. Your lead vocals really grabbed us. We don't tag a lot of releases as having great lead vocals, so this is an excellent strength for you to have.  Songwriting: Lyrics Crafting interesting lyrics is hard and a completely different art than writing the music. Clearly you've put some thought into your lyrics. Good work. Melody: Above almost everything else, melody is an essential musical quality. Yours jumped out at us. Good melodies don't come easy; you should be proud. Song Structure We thought this song had a logical structure and all the parts were distinct. A good song structure generally has both repetition and surprise, and we thought you nailed it. Production: Instrumentation Having a good arrangement, with the right instrumentation, helps give listeners a good sense of what's happening musically. Your arrangements were just right. Nice job. Sonic Quality It sounds like you sent us well-mastered, high-quality files. We hear the details loud and clear. This is an essential quality for a commercial release. Nice job. Production Quality: All the elements in the mix here sound clear, and they coalesce into a cohesive sound that suits the composition. This is very much its own art form. Nice work. © 2010 Hello Music”

Hello Music